AREcraft first GAME Server Online !


AREcraft first GAME Server Online !

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Arecraft a Minecraft Server Using ARENON COIN as in game currency. 

AreCraft Gameplay Preview Video
click for Play

Arecraft Server:
Minecraft version: 1.13.2

currently only with whitelist,
come in our DISCORD and write an ADMIN, tell them your MINECRAFT name and you will be placed directly on the whitelist!

the automatic login page will be ready soon then you can enter yourself in the whitelist.
there you can too, check your wallet and make payments/withdraw/deposits directly in the dashboard and not only In-GAME.

Currently Working: 
Loot for Kill Mobs (except Passive Mobs, Pig, Bat, Donkey, Sheep, etc)
Trade with other Players Items for Arenon
CityBuild (Claim land, Build, have fun)
Farmworld (Normal with some surprises)
Farmworld (The Nether)
Farmworld (The End)

Working with next Update:
Marketplaces with ARENON as currency for Items like: Spawners, EGGs, Diamonds, etc
Quests with Loot (ARENON)
Create you own Marketplace to sell items for ARENON
Private Chat

Future extensions:
Buy and Sell your claimed land for ARENON
Merge your land for a little ARENON fee
Claim land in all worlds for a little fee in ARENON
Bedwars, Skywars where you can play against each other for ARENON
Different perks buyable with ARENON
Your own PET buyable with ARENON
Different Ranks buyable with ARENON
Jobs to earn ARENON
Player Heads tradeable with ARENON
Different Effects (particels, etc) buyable with ARENON
PVP arena fights where you can play against each other for ARENON (10 players, 20 players, etc)
surprise chests buyable with ARENON
and many more

Arecraft Server:
Minecraft version: 1.13.2

In-Game Commands

/mv tp world            Teleport to a world
/mvtp  CityBuild

List Worlds:
/mv list            list all worlds

/sethome            set a Home point
/home               teleport to Home point

/plot auto            claim a random plot
/plot claim            claim your land
/plot info            Info about land
/plot delete            delete your plot
/plot trust            add a user to build on yout plot
/plot add            add a user to build on yout plot
/plot kick            kick a user from your land
/plot middle            go to middle of your plot
/plot setowner            change the owner

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