Important Update


Important Update

Oktober 10, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Hello community,

there was a change in terms of the first game in the last minute, so the launch will be delayed a bit.

We are very sorry for the delay.

The first game on our platform, will be the external game fortnite, internal games will be launched later, because we think that we attract much more attention with excite as with the internal games.

There will be 3 modes for FORTNITE:
  • In the First mode you can bet on any player in FORTNITE, without verification your FORTNITE ACC. example: You open a room and place 200 arenon on a player of your
  • choice under the following winning conditions, who in 3 rounds has the most kills wins, duration of the round 1 week.
  • Now another users on our platform sees your room and thinks ok.
  • I think that the player I pick wins and enters his player in the room.
  • During the term any number of user bets can be placed, for the case that none of the players on which was betted in the time has made the necessary rounds,
  • the bet is resolved and the users get back their Coins.
  • (but since most of them are betting on pro Gamers and themselves, this case should be very rare)
  • In the normal case, a result should be determined after the term and the winner of the bet gets his profit credited to the account.
  • (statistics of the last players round are drawn in real time by the API in the rooms)


  • In the second mode, your Gaming acc will be verified to our platform and then you will be able to play in different scenarios.
  • (who makes the most kills, the best place of x games (x = varabial number of matches), who scores the most points in x Rounds and many more)
  • To do this you will need to send our bot on Fortnite a message from your Fortnite acc that contains the unique verification code.
  • (You can find this code on our platform in USER SETTINGS VERIFICATION)
  • So we can be sure that it is the gamer bets really synonymous to the gamer and not as in the above mode to bet on anyone.



  • In the third mode, which only works with a verified account, is a SOLO mode to get some ARENON Coins, there will be daily in-game tasks where you can win coins when fulfilling tasks.
  • as an example
  • (Win a game in the top 10 and get 50 ARE, play in 24 hours 5 games and get 25ARE, kill 20 opponents and get ARE, and much more)

(all modes are cross-platform it also works with the PS4 and xbox ONE Players too)
(the expiration after the bet’s term is the same in every mode)

once we have reached a certain number of users on our platform,
we will connect with the game developers and convince them of our platform.
since prize money for world championships and all this can be handled decentrally about us.
Maybe we’ll get you convinced that you can win skins in our daily tasks as well.

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