Gaming Platform

The goal of the project is to build a platform where players can play with ARENON coins with/VS real players, for coins that set before the Game starts.

Blockchain Technology

Thanks to blockchain technology this all runs safely and smoothly, thereby the security of each player is guaranteed.
No bots – no hacks for an unparalleled gaming experience with other players. 

Third party APIs

For later integration of game developers, as escrow service for external games like CS: Go, Fortnite, LOL so you can also play for ARENON Coins there.

High Secure / MasterNodes

Proof of Stake and Masterternodes for a secure, stable and fast scaling network, which is a prerequisite for our platform.
GameTX allows real-time transactions at low fees.


Latest News

Update 11.01.2019

short info in between, we had 2 days before a big Dev meeting. with the current technology, it is not possible for us to form a completely decentralized system, there[…]

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Januar 12, 2019 0

Important Update

Hello community, there was a change in terms of the first game in the last minute, so the launch will be delayed a bit. We are very sorry for the[…]

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Oktober 10, 2018 0
Gameplay Examples

Agario as example for Multiplayer Games

*There will be Rooms for 10 – 100 Players.
*There will be rooms where there will be 1 winner and where the last 3,5,10 places get rewards too.
*Each Room has a Max Value of Players and a Contdown of 2 Minutes to Start a Game.
*This one who is filled fist initiates the Game start.
*Each Player must set the same amount of ARE to join the Room.
*For example 100 ARE as start fee * 100 Players = 10.000 ARE – 2% fee for our Platform = 9800 ARE for the Winner in the Jackpot !
*If the Game is Finish last Player get the Jackpot..


DoodleJump as example for Highscore Games

*Highscore games start every day / week anew.
*Each Player can play as often as he wants.
*Each Player has the same starting amount of 50 ARE for one life in the Game.
*The game continues until you die, the score at the time of death counts for the rating.
*For example 50 ARE as start fee * 8975 Player in the Current Period = 448.750 ARE – 2% fee for our Platform = 439.775 ARE for the Winner in the Jackpot !
*The highest score at the end of the current period (24 hours or a week) wins the entire jackpot.

TIC TAC TOE as example for PVP / 1vs1 Games

*Each Player can open a room according to his specifications (amount,rounds).
*The amount is set when the room is created.
*The game starts as soon as another Player enters the room.
*If another Player wants to enter the room, he must set the desired amount.
*The game runs over the set number of rounds.
*For example 1000 ARE as start fee * 2 Players = 2.000 ARE – 2% fee for our Platform = 1960 ARE for the Winner in the Jackpot !
*The Player who won the most rounds wins the jackpot.

Complete Gaming


in our dashboard you will find all sorts of statistics.
such as. Gains / losses of the last days / weeks / our dashboard you will find all sorts of statistics.
such as. Gains / losses of the last days / weeks / months.

Our in-GAMe-shop

Something cool

* Items like Custom skins, Stickers  
* Services like Custom avatar, customisable themes etc.
* The tickets for special events like Tournaments and other custom competition.* The tickets for special events like Tournaments and other custom competition.

More Exchanges follow


What Our Community Say

Having ideas like this one is really a breakthrough! This kind of project needs to be in its proper place in the cryptoworld as soon as it can. Wish you the best of luck and more power to the devs!

Every gamers must be part of this platform, Interested to this project! Good luck Dev TEam!

Orientation to the game market is a very correct direction-now there is not enough some convenient currency that could be used in the gaming space. Conventional Fiat money is very inconvenient due to the fact that players can be in different cities and even countries

Will it be just like simple traditional,
very good concept about gaming in blockchain !

I am very interesting to join this project after I watching their youtube channel…this great concept play game without waste oour times but play games for money

Arenon platform is very interesting project where in you can play their games and to earn their coin to incentive for users to utilize their gaming application you can stakes their coin like other coins.

Get Started

Please select the appropriate ARENON coin wallet from the supported platforms below.

Official BlockExplorer 

Our Awesome Team

The Arenon team consists of 6 persons. We have been working in this field for years and know the necessary know-how to take our project to the top.

Tim (DPR)

Founder & CEO

Head of Project Management
Media & Visuals Creator
Community Manager

Carlos (QONSX)

Co-founder & CMO

Head of Marketing  & Recruiter 
Head of Partnerships
Community Manager

Sebb (PXLFuSSeL)


Product Developer
Software Engineer
Game Developer

Denis (Glenviddich)

Lead Web Developer

Network security and blockchain expert
Front/Back-end developer

Bikram (Bikram)

Online Marketing Strategist 

Head of Social impact
Head of Partnerships

Tolga (el_akilli)

Online Marketing Strategist

Social Media Specialist 
Community Manager

Patricia (Goldensky)

Social Media Specialist

Press & Multitool


Size of Discord Community

1.050.000 ARE

Coins Locked in Nodes



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