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Arenon stands for a fair player vs player competitions.
The goal of the project is to build a platform where players can play with their own bitcoins and other coins with/VS real players, for coins that set before the Game starts.
Thanks to blockchain technology this all runs safely and smoothly, thereby the security of each player is guaranteed.
No bots - no hacks for an unparalleled gaming experience with other players.
Each player can bet a certain amount of money and play against another player 1 vs 1 or compete against many other players in one of the multiplayer channels.

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TIC TAC TOE as example for PVP / 1vs1 Games

Each Player can open a room according to his specifications (amount,rounds).
The amount is set when the room is created.
The game starts as soon as another Player enters the room.
If another Player wants to enter the room, he must set the desired amount.
The game runs over the set number of rounds.
For example 1000 ARE as start fee * 2 Players = 2.000 ARE - 2% fee for our Platform = 1960 ARE for the Winner in the Jackpot !
The Player who won the most rounds wins the jackpot.

DoodleJump as example for Highscore Games

ARENON Doodle-Jump
Highscore games start every day / week anew.
Each Player can play as often as he wants.
Each Player has the same starting amount of 50 ARE for one life in the Game. 
The game continues until you die, the score at the time of death counts for the rating.
For example 50 ARE as start fee * 8975 Player in the Current Period = 448.750 ARE - 2% fee for our Platform = 439.775 ARE for the Winner in the Jackpot !
The highest score at the end of the current period (24 hours or a week) wins the entire jackpot. as example for Multiplayer Games

There will be Rooms for 10 - 100 Players.
There will be rooms where there will be 1 winner and where the last 3,5,10 places get rewards too.
Each Room has a Max Value of Players and a Contdown of 2 Minutes to Start a Game.
This one who is filled fist initiates the Game start.
Each Player must set the same amount of ARE to join the Room. 
For example 100 ARE as start fee * 100 Players = 10.000 ARE - 2% fee for our Platform = 9800 ARE for the Winner in the Jackpot !
If the Game is Finish last Player get the Jackpot.

*** Note that Games are exsamples, the games will have the same gameplay as the original ones, but different in their looks and appearance
  • Blaz Robar

    The No.1 Gaming Currency of the World !

  • Pete Finlan

    No player is preferred and each has the same chances !

  • Doge Finbar

    We wanted to bring something new with Arenon, a games platform, but not a normal one !


Arenon Coin is a globalized and transparent peer-to-peer Internet currency for everyone and that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world!

FAIR for all

No one is preferred, nor will there be items in our gameshop that affect the game, just skins and other things that do not affect the game. No strong AI opponents that throws away the fun of playing and exempts you it is up to every single player that wins or loses himself, so we want to provide a balanced playing experience with which you play against the use of Arenons. We have a lot of planning, events will take place and contests.

Games Like

agario, 3d shooters, Street Fighter, Racing/Drag simulations, Connect Four, Rock paper scissors, Tic-tac-toe, some 8bit games,global strike, the settlers, chess or one of the many other games we offer.

Without Manipulations

Real players compete with each other without any manipulation from outside everyone starts at the same point and has the same opportunities as any other player. No player is preferred and has the same chances. That in turn does not guarantee the total loss of Coins that can be lost during the game to other players. Just play for the money you are willing to lose in the worst case


    Tim (DPR)

    Chief Executive Officer, Graphic Design, Strategy-Advisor, Support, Marketing


    Carlos (qonsX)

    Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing, Support, Press, Multitool

    Our Team

    The Arenon team consists of 4 persons. We have been working in this field for years and know the necessary know-how to take our project to the top.


    Sebastian (FuSSel)

    Chief Technology Officer, Core Development, Website, Backend, DB


    Denis (Glenviddich)

    Lead Developer, Automation, Testing, Website, Backend, DB

    Our Team

    The Arenon team consists of 4 persons. We have been working in this field for years and know the necessary know-how to take our project to the top.